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Why The Coughlin Method?

Critical thinking IS critical to your success in:

  • preparing for college;
  • engaging in the college academic experience; and
  • in your post-academic career of choice.

That’s why we’ve made critical think the cornerstone of The Coughlin Method of SAT test preparation. Compared to the multitude of test preparation methods and websites, The Coughlin Method provides students with core critical thinking and problem-solving methods that provide the foundation for sustained, life-long success.

So, why prepare using The Coughlin Method?

      1. Critical Thinking – Learn to think critically and solve problems with a skill that will prove successful in each area of the SAT. These are skills you can use to your advantage in college and beyond. Business leaders, including CEOs and CFOs, are placing a premium on employees who think critically and can solve complex problems.
      2. Instructor Expertise and Experience. Raymond Coughlin has taught more than a dozen years teaching Critical Thinking. During that time, Ray has taught this material thousands of students, many of whom have done exceptionally well on nationally standardized exams. Winner of many teaching awards, Ray has written over 20 books, several on critical thinking and problem-solving. This SAT preparation set of courses is a natural extension of Ray’s expertise.
      3. Prep options that meet your specific needs. We know you have a busy schedule, so we’ve developed flexible and convenient test preparation modules that fit your needs and your schedule.


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