The “Method” to “Our Method”

There are many ways to approach your preparation for the SAT. Perhaps your first inclination is to avoid it as much as possible. All of us are tempted to sidestep things that are annoying or fraught with yuck. But then you recognize the importance of your performance on the SAT, you may get a renewed interest in doing your best. Suppose you further realize that the actual preparation process that you thrust yourself into has benefit far beyond your actual SAT score. That’s exactly the case if you trust in the Coughlin Method. I came up with this idea when, as Honors Director, the Provost asked me to improve our students’ scores on tests like the LSAT, MCAT and the GRE. I soon realized that the best preparation for those very challenging exams is a course on critical thinking in which I teach my students how to create and analyze arguments and argument-based papers. [...]

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