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The cornerstones of our SAT test preparation are critical thinking and argument-based problem solving. That’s why we give you access to our foundation course in critical thinking and problem solving when you purchase any one of our content courses – either the Mathematics, Reading and Writing courses? Why do we give you two courses for the price of one? Watch our video to learn more.

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The key to our approach to your SAT preparation is to do all we can to help you develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. These are the skills that not only will allow you to maximize your SAT score, but they are precisely the skills that, if you master them, will help you solve complex problems and write exemplary argument based papers, two fundamental skills you will need to succeed in college. They are also the skills that business leaders are clamoring for in their new hires. Recently, there has been a plethora of spirited articles written by CEOs and other leaders imploring colleges to include more critical thinking skills and less information in their course materials. “We can teach our employees the information they need; we can’t teach them how to think!” is a common thread in these articles. As colleges adapt to this message, the students who have developed critical thinking skills will excel in their college careers and they will be ready to enter the workforce with superior confidence and acumen.

The key to maximizing your SAT score, and to launch your college career, is to master critical thinking as best you can. Once you learn critical thinking and problem solving skills the material on the three SAT sections will become apparent – you will understand the problems at a deep level. Otherwise, you will have to resort to guessing on many questions.

For this reason, we encourage you to spend a good deal of time mastering our critical thinking course, since it is the foundation of the other three courses and it is the bedrock of your ability to write argument based papers, a crucial skill needed in college and beyond.

Therefore, we give you access to the critical thinking course when you purchase any one of the three content courses in Mathematics, Reading and Writing.

So first study the critical thinking foundation course and then take the content course that you purchased. If you decide to purchase a second or third course you can review any topic in the critical thinking course as you are studying that content course. We believe this continual access to the critical thinking course will encourage you to improve those skills all during your SAT preparation.

This is why our series of courses is your launching pad to a successful college experience.

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